""A lovely interactive book for small children...I think that small kids will be delighted.""
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Jack and Joe’s World is an interactive children’s book written by Bard Hole Standal that offers lots of engaging fun for children. The book takes young readers on a professionally narrated story about a boy and his dog on their fun adventures! Along the way, your child gets to play hide and seek, pet animals, color drawings, play tug of war, dance, and take part in tons of other fun moments!

Internationally acclaimed voice actor Katie Leigh narrates the story, infusing it with a delightful and captivating tone. You can either enjoy her narration or read for your child yourself.

Jack and Joe’s World is an exciting and playful experience; perfect for preschoolers and toddlers, and might even be enjoyable for the whole family! Just kidding, it's only for the smaller members of the family. Except the cat. Don't show it to the cat.

The adventure begins under a tree where an angry bee disrupts their play. With the help of the reader, the friends are set free. The book features interactive elements such as shaking a tree to help characters get down from a tree, petting Jack, finding him in a game of hide and seek, and taking part in activities like drawing, dancing, and playing Tug of War. As the story unfolds, Jack comes up with a creative solution to cheer up Joe when he feels left out. The interactive elements include ordering a surprise husky-puppy costume online, allowing Joe to join in the games that dogs play. The book concludes with Jack and Joe safely tucked away in their tree, dreaming of more adventures, and ready for bedtime.  The narrative is filled with playful and engaging elements, encouraging interaction from young readers.


The app also featured several drawings that can be colored outside of the book experience.


At Hello Bard, we believe in making fun and easy-to-use applications and games. Bard We love to entertain and educate and hope that this application reflects that.


Jack & Joe’s World is a safe and secure game with a single-player focus where kids are free to explore. This app has no advertisements and contains only optional in-app purchases.

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