Hello Bard A/S is an independent game development company by designer and developer Bard Hole Standal.

Game Releases:
The Sculptor (2013 iOS/Android)
Animal Drivers (2015- iOS/Android)
Woeful Woebots (2018 - Vive/Oculus/WMR)

Animal Drivers Unleashed (Switch / PC) 

Hello Bard A/S, 1163 Oslo
Org.nr.: 916 567 391 


Bard who?

Bard is a designer and illustrator who lives in Norway with his girlfriend and their two children. They also have a cat and a bunch of cute polar bear cubs. You should ask to see photos of those cubs, they are seriously cute. 

To see more of Bard's work, take a look at his portfolio here.

Get in touch

Need to get in touch about a great business deal you want to offer me? Have a ton of bitcoins that you need to give to someone awesome? Did someone break your heart and have a need to cry all over a stranger with an odd name? Perhaps you want to scam me into giving you a ton of Steam keys for my games? Well that all sounds great, get in touch below!

business [at] hellobard.com


*(except for the people in the last sentence, you can all stop right there and start re-considering your life choices;)


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